Learn (Nearly) Everything About WEquip

Baby in a portable playpen (aka pack n' play)
Couple painting their home using a ladder
Man doing lawn maintenance with a string trimmer (aka weed wacker)
Family playing cornhole (aka bags) overlooking the ocean

We are WEquip!

Founded in November 2022, WEquip is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace where renters can go to search for items they need that their neighbors might have. Owners can list their items for rent and make extra cash along the way, while renters can access items they need, all in one place!

WEquip was founded on the hope that our community at large has something to offer one another and thus create a more sustainable future. WEquip therefore is a community-run marketplace as evidenced by the company's name: WE will all work to EQUIP each other with whatever we may need, advancing our goals together.

Our team

WEquip was founded in November of 2022 by Paige and Adam Miesle. The husband and wife duo launched WEquip with the hopes of connecting a larger community to enable a less wasteful lifestyle for everyone who uses the platform.

Paige Miesle

Paige has a technical background in mechanical engineering and her MBA. She always loves a challenge and isn't afraid of hard work. She knows that WEquip will make her life easier, as well as the lives of her family and friends, and can't wait to share it with you!

Picture of Paige Miesle, raising her arms in the air on top of a volcano
A picture of Adam Miesle, standing alongside a river on a rocky beach

Adam Miesle

Adam is an electrical engineer. He enjoys running outdoors and all things technology. Running WEquip will be an adventure as well as an opportunity to put some skills he's gained to the test. He is super passionate about helping others and knows WEquip will be both helpful and good for the planet!

Our Mission:

To create a more sustainable future by realizing the potential of the world's resources through sharing